Workshop at FAMILY 

Our latest weekend workshop took place at FAMILY in Folkestone’s rendezvous street. 

FAMILY is a super venue, and it’s owners champion the same kinds of creative and DIY ideals the factory aims to share so it was a good fit in that sense. But more than that the venue created a really relaxed atmosphere with kids and young people coming into draw whilst parents chilled with a drink and listened to Jeremy’s awesome collection of vinyl.

This session was another all age affair, and though primarily conceived as a youth project I love that comics is able to cross boundaries and we had adults doing stuff, a group of young people, and kids and parents. That really speaks to the power of drawing I reckon. However the star of the show was without a doubt Ernest, the days youngest participant, who forewent more traditional materials to draw on the crockery. (See pic)

I’m really excited to put together everyone’s work into a new publication. That will be available from the MCF soon.

Workshop @ Folkestone School For Girls

Another collab with Strange Cargo and another fine Zine workshop.

Working with a group of 10 sixth formers, we were overjoyed to see such a dynamic range of work.  Created during the two hour session were 10 doodle zines, 2 giant concertina style zines and a beautiful collection of collage fanzines on a range of subjects, some serious and some not so serious. I’ll let these pics speak for themselves

Zine Workshop at Harvey Grammar (with Strange Cargo)

*** All Photos Credit Ruby Bolton ***

It has been great to collaborate with Ruby from Strange Cargo to plan and deliver some zine making workshops in secondary schools.

Today we visited the Harvey Grammar School and turned heads as I rode in, right into the centre of the classroom!


We decided to bring the mobile unit to the workshops today just for the visual impact and it certainly did the trick. Perhaps more confusing than inspiring it caused conversation none the less.

But the main point here isn’t the trike, it is the amazing work created today by both the GCSE groups we worked with, and their introduction to a whole new avenue of creativity and expression.

We freed everyone up with a drawing exercise that we then turned into mini-zines.

With one group we used lining paper to create giant concertina zines (pictured below)


and with another we got them making their own zine creations using collage, drawing and assemblage. The variety was brilliant, with even the most skeptical getting involved and finding the fun in it. One innovative idea for example was a zine with images sewn into the paper, WOW!

We were so busy with the workshop (and taking the opportunity to make a quick zine ourselves alongside the students) that we didn’t get any pictures of finished work but if you want to see the fruit of their labour you can check out a selection of their zines at Strange Cargo’s upcoming Zine Library. It is not to be missed and (spoiler alert) the MCF will be there running a workshop in making comics too!

Our First Workshop in the Park

Tuesday September 13th

We arrived at Payers Park at 4pm and over the time we were there we spoke to two families, some adults, and a couple of teens. We worked with two boys who were enthusiastic to look at some comics and learned how to make their own zines out of a sheet of A4 paper. We hope to see them again next week and see what they’ve made with that new skill.

We were also able to give out some copies of our new comic “those 2 guys”, a simple comic that demonstrates some principles in order to teach young people about making their own.

It was an extremely successful first week but we learned some things too… We need to arrive earlier! Specifically we will running from 3-5pm from now on so that we can interact with young people as they travel through on the way home from school.

If you haven’t seen us yet come down next week and come back often as our resources change continually + soon we’ll have some more work made by young people available for you to take away.

The original dream for the Mobile Comics Factory involved travelling to Folkestone’s parks to provide our free workshops to any young people hanging about. 
It gives me great pride to have realised that aim, and that what was once my individual ambition is now a reality brought about by many. I have a volunteer working with me every Tuesday, the support of Shepway district council and Payers park management, not to mention the good will of community folk and the financial backing of our marvelous funders. It is still amazing to me that this should have been possible and it only increases my ambition to make this project impact deeper and travel further (both in what we do and where we do it). The MCF is currently run as a project from Harbour Church, as part of a range of activities that exist to serve our community: I am particularly grateful for the nurturing environment in which the project has been incubated, and I’m excited to discover where we will go from here!

Thanks for following the project

We hope to see you at the factory soon.

Below is an image of the new workshop materials being made-

Harbour Arm Workshop

Today was officially the first workshop we ran, and it was also the first time the MCF has been ridden entirely assembled. We were on Folkestone’s beautiful Harbour Arm for two overcast hours. The atmosphere was great and the crowd was even better.

The Factory turned heads and we had some great interactions with the public. 14 children and 2 teenagers came to take part in our workshop activities and we loved seeing their creative ideas.


Above: Katy Lockey with the MCF set up ready to go!

The weather today was somewhat indecisive but the willingness of those who engaged with the project was undeterred.


Today’s youngest makers: Isla, Arya, and Niamh.




Today’s makers were accompanied by this amazing curly shoed band.

We couldn’t have been more happy with how today went.

I’ll be back at the Harbour Arm next Sunday 1:30 – 2:30pm to distribute comics created from the amazing work young people made today. I want to extend a huge thanks to Liu and everyone at Folkestone Harbour arm for making today an amazing experience.

Check out the CALENDAR to find out where we’ll be next, and we’ll leave you with a picture of captain Harbour (for his) Arm