St. Mary’s Primary Workshops

We had an amazing term visiting St. Mary’s primary school for both lunch time workshops with key stage 2, and afternoon sessions with a small group of Year 6 boys.

The workshops generated lots of fantastic work including 2 volumes (and more than 24 pages) of a comics anthology which is still available from the Mobile Comics factory. These are great little volumes showcasing a range of styles and stories.

Also created were a whole bunch of mini-zines by individual participants including 6 that we selected and turned into printed publications to be distributed.


I loved showcasing the work of individuals sharing their own ideas and unique perspectives. These were young people who really internalised what creative expression is about. Particular favourites were a zine about patterns, and a story we printed called ‘THE BIG PRINCE

Another published comic was ‘ORIGIN STORY’ made by the year 6 group and explained in detail here, Origin Story showcases some great ideas from 6 boys who collaborated to invent an original character and imagined his world.

I also want to mention ‘The Ultimate Book Of Monster Swapping’ designed by the year 6’s again this volume has been flying off the MCF and has been popular with everyone we’ve met. It features in the video below.

We loved our time at St. Mary’s and learned a lot about working with this age group. We look forward to visiting again. A huge thanks to all the staff who supported the project and a massive well done to the pupils who worked so hard – in their lunch times no less – to create amazing work for their community to enjoy.


Take Shelter

We loved coming to the Big Sleep Out 2016, we got a dozen of the young people in attendance to help create a new ‘zine to create awareness of homelessness in Folkestone and the results are great.

We feel really privileged to have been a part of a super event raising money for Folkestone’s Winter Shelter and we hope what the young people have put together with support from the MCF will cause more people to look into the amazing work of the Winter Shelter and the Rainbow Centre and find out how they can get involved.

The best way to get your copy of the publication is direct from the Mobile Comics Factory, but you can also print your own at home from THIS LINK. Requires 1 sheet of A4. Some printers may require you to trim borders before it will fold properly, to learn how to fold the zine together CLICK HERE.

LIVE: the MCF in pieces, in my garden, in progress

yesterday ended very late due to my computer being a jerk basically! I’ve been trying to edit in a simple intermission to film I’m screening tonight as a fundraiser but my laptop didn’t want to play ball.

depite that today still began bright and early as I spent some time researching putting a small video player into the MCF.

BY 9am I was out in the backyard under the blistering heat to get the MCF mobile unit up and running. While I was out there I thought I’d make a quick video to give you a glimpse of what I’ve been up to.

and today isn’t over yet. Our next post will be all about tonight’s fundraiser at the lime bar

Oh… And by the way, I can confirm that Finn and Jake are coming to the MCF! Thank you Boom! Studios for agreeing donate to the project.