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An important element of the Mobile Comics Factory (MCF) is its library of artist made comics and zines. We want to put your work in the hands of young people to inspire them, to show the range of stories comics can tell, and the range of subjects and styles zines can cover.

If you’d like your work to be seen by a new audience, and if you’re interested in getting the next generation engaging with their creativity then sending your work to the MCF is great way of getting involved. Whether you are well known or up and coming we’re interested.

Work submitted to the library could be new or something pre-existing. Whether published professionally or made on the office photocopier we want it in the library. You can send one copy that will be kept in the reference section of the library. Or you could unleash your generosity and send us multiple copies so that they can be given away to the teenagers we meet.

Here are some things to consider with regard to content: We want to show young people how diverse comics can be so we have no restrictions on subject matter in that regard. However because we are working with under 16s anything overtly sexual or excessively violent will not make it into the library. We are happy to stock work that engages with difficult subject areas, but it must be dealt with in a mature and sensitive manner. We also will not stock work that is excessively political or seeks to proselytize; we are working with young people forming their identities and relationship to the wider world, the comics and zines we provide should equip them to find their own way and make informed decisions. – not tell them how to think.

All submissions will be featured on the Blog.

Post your work with contact details and a letter introducing yourself to…

C/O St Saviours, 130 Canterbury Road, Folkestone, CT19 5PH