As the MCF grows it will be populated by comics and zines created by people at our workshops. On this page you can find links to a selection of those publications.

THE WORLD TOUR OF ROUND HERE – a comic book and series of five community zines, August 2017

In Dreams – group project (yr10), April 2017

Nameless & Thief – Milena T (yr10), April 2017

The Dead Dog – Created by Alfie (yr6) at Christ Church Primary School, January 2017

Origin Story – by pupils from Year 6, St. Mary’s Primary, December 2016

The Story of the Big Prince – by Jessie from St. Mary’s Primary, December 2016

Take Shelter – made at The Big Sleep Out event, September 2016

Strange Cargo Comics – made at the Strange Cargo Zine Library, October 2016

Our Harbour Arm Zine – made at Harbour Arm Workshop #2, September 2016

The View From The End – made at Harbour Arm Workshop #1, August 2016

As well as these we also provide free resources to help you make your own comic books. Some of the comic strips found in those resources will be uploaded here (external link).