24 comic! 2017

On the First Saturday of October each year there is an event called 24hour comics day. It is a challenge for artists, industry professionals and enthusiastic amateurs to create a 24 page comic in 24 hours. Its a big deal in America, not so much here in the UK especially outside of major cities. But I heard about the challenge and thought that it’d be a great opportunity for the comics factory. So, setting myself up at the B&B project space on Tontine Street I took the challenge… but also ran a workshop during the day so that visitors could take part in mini-challenges. People could come and chat to me and watch progress.

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Turn Festival & GIRLS zine

On Saturday we got to chill with the young folk of the BE THE CHANGE group (A group of young activists from around Kent) and run the art area at the TURN Festival.


Situated within a small wooded area we ran a number of arty activities and created a community gallery from participants creations. Prior to the festival I got to meet some of the group and help plan the event. It was great to be a part of something primarily lead by the ideas and passion of young people. In particular I worked with Folkestoner Miranda Beinart Smith to make a mini-zine from her artwork. Miranda has painstakenly drawn a picture of a child from every country in the world and written a short bio for each one. It is an amazing project that took lots of time and research. By taking a selection of her drawings and creating a zine we were able to share her powerful work with the public.

The zine will soon be available for download. Check this page for details.


WTORH feedback

We just received this lovely email…

Hi Jim….me and my daughter Ellie (17) met you at the Turner Contemporary Margate in August ….& have just had a look at your WTORH comic on your website. It’s terrific… and we were absolutely delighted to see that you used two of Ellie’s mini sketches for your Margate zine.

Just wanted to say thank you… It made me & Ellie very happy… and to wish you good luck with the MCF and all you do for the youth.

Best wishes


Messages like this make me so excited, excited to see that what we’re doing has some meaning beyond the moment. Ellie’s drawings are fantastic by th eway and you can find them in the World Tour Of Round Here publication.


in dreamssmall

In dreams is an 8 feet long drawing created by a year 10 carousel group at Folkestone Academy. Each member of the group contributed to the final drawing which sees a sleeping man fly through a series of increasingly bizarre scenes and into a night of lovecraftian horror!

Also included on this page is a link to a pdf document that you can print and fold into a pocket book version of this image. The process for making the book is identical to that used on our previous publication “our harbour arm” and so you can follow the instructions on the video below to make the book. (take note that IN DREAMS is a portrait book)