Club Shepway recently started a Lego Club, this is a scheme, a project, an initiative… a brilliant thing, by which youth groups, workshops and other community groups can borrow a library of Lego bricks for creative projects.

The Mobile Comics Factory was asked to create a zine to be included along with this library that introduced the concept and creative potential of Lego. We approached this task in our signature deconstructionist style and were privileged to be involved with another project doing such good for young people in our area.


Collected Resource Archive #1

We regularly update our materials on the MCF to keep things fresh and to reflect our own growth and learning. Near the start of the project I began using a couple of characters in comic strips to illustrate some of the breadth, and rules of comics – using the form of comics to discuss the fabric and syntax of comics themselves. The earliest versions of these comics were scratchy, odd and in places seem very peculiar when removed from the context of the workshops and publications they were printed in… but it seems wrong for them to be lost entirely. So, here’s a PDF of some of those early comic strips… it is interesting to see how far the resources have improved over the past year.