Book a Workshop

Schools, youth clubs, or organisations running public events can book a workshop from the Mobile Comics Factory. The way to start the process is to send us an email or use the contact page.

If you are based in Shepway you may well be eligible for a visit without charge due to generous funding from Shepway District Council and RDHCT, as well as contributions from smaller funding bodies.

To book a workshop outside of Shepway, or outside of the charitable operation of the project (e.g. a private function) then charges will apply.

Rates are based on delivery time. The content however can be flexible in to suit the age-group, specific objectives you may have (eg themed comics), or size of group – from one-to-one sessions to large groups.

Day Rate: £150

Single workshop 1-2hours: £50 (great for youth-group sessions or lunch time workshops on a school playground)

in depth workshops of 6x 1.5 hours: £250.

Travel costs will also need to be taken into consideration and may incur charges. Please get in contact to make any inquiries and we will do our best to accommodate you.