24 comic! 2017

On the First Saturday of October each year there is an event called 24hour comics day. It is a challenge for artists, industry professionals and enthusiastic amateurs to create a 24 page comic in 24 hours. Its a big deal in America, not so much here in the UK especially outside of major cities. But I heard about the challenge and thought that it’d be a great opportunity for the comics factory. So, setting myself up at the B&B project space on Tontine Street I took the challenge… but also ran a workshop during the day so that visitors could take part in mini-challenges. People could come and chat to me and watch progress.

It was quite an experience and a real test of endurance and skill. I managed to finish 24 pages but you can see the quality drop over time leading to spelling and drawing errors eventually. I also stuck to the rules very strictly… so did no planning of any kind before hand… So at 10am saturday morning I had no story. I just had to begin and see where the pages took me. I want to reflect on this experience and find the things about it that would be most useful to talk about and learn from when it comes to making comics… but I feel I’ve rambled enough. Please scroll down to view the comic in all its strange glory.


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