Christ Church Workshops

With great books like ‘The Dead Dog‘ two issues of collected comics and a bunch of other publications, Pupils at Christ Church Primary can be really proud of what they achieved last term.

Every school has a unique culture and personality and it was a joy to find ways of working that complimented the environment at Christ Church. I loved the lunch time workshops. The pupils have an amazing sense of play and many children worked their engagement with the project into their play. Generally engagement levels were lower than I have experienced in other schools but I felt that those that did engage did so in interesting and generous ways: Often working inclusively with peers and sharing their stories and experiences through their drawing.

One of my favourite quotes from the workshops came from one child who made a comic out of the game he was playing with his friends. As he sketched he announced to everyone around “If I can just finish this comic, it will give me the power I need to defeat the zombies!”, before running away clutching his work.

We also ran a more in depth afternoon workshop with a select group of young people from year 5 and 6. I was privileged to spend this time with this group but due to circumstances we could not control – including absences, school trips and behavioural issues – we were not able to build up to creating any new publications but we were able to use the time to build their confidence and teach creative principles. It feels difficult to communicate just how valuable this is, and I hope that those in the group were able to take the experience back to the classroom with increased confidence.

I want to thank everyone at Christ Church for your generosity to the project and we cannot wait to work with you again.

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