We were privileged to work with a group of six year 6 boys at St. Mary’s Primary on an extended project teaching both the art of comics and principles of writing and storytelling. They produced lots of great work culminating in a vibrant comic entitled ORIGIN STORY.

origincoverOrigin Story Cover

The boys looked at popular origin stories in super hero comics and we discussed how these stories gave context and motivation to otherwise peculiar characters.

Then, as a collaborative exercise, they came up with their own hero character. A GIANT ROBOT SAMURAI!

They were then tasked to each come up with an origin story for the character and we collected their interpretations in an 8 page A5 comic that also featured an A3 poster.

Download a PDF of the comic here. Please note that this PDF is designed to be printed and folded and pages will appear out of sequence when viewing digitally. Print the PDF double-sided in the landscape orientation.


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