November has been a really busy time for the mobile comics factory. I haven’t posted on the blog for a while as a result and that is terrible because there has been so much news.

From upgrades to the mobile unit, to working in local school twice a week, to some fun new publications it has literally all been going on!

I will trickle out some stories in the coming week but I wanted to start with the photos below…

It has always been an aim of this project to get kids thinking about creativity, comics and culture in new ways. That is one of the reasons why we’ve always been proud to stock our library with artist made zines sitting alongside teenage mutant ninja turtles. One such artist zine by Philippa Wall became the source of some discussion one Friday lunchtime, when the factory visited a group of year 5 and 6 pupils at st Mary’s primary.

The pages of Philippa’s zine contain a precise pattern of coloured brush marks describing tonal gradients. Its ‘meaning’ not as accessible the more narrative lead comics around, so the question of ‘why’ quickly came up.

Rather than answer in any definite way (and I’m not sure I could have answered), I prompted a discussion of what the zine made them think about, what they thought it said. We also talked about if art needed to ‘say’ anything. Which is pretty heavy stuff for a lunchtime. Maybe the zine is just an experiment I posited.

It was a fun little discussion with a couple of the kids and when they walked away I thought nothing more of it. 

But I was delighted when one of them returned a few minutes later with what you see below. 

She told me “I made a zine, but my one isn’t colours, it’s patterns.”

It was so cool to see the ideas we discussed so quickly internalised and to see the work of the artists who have offered their zines having such a direct impact.

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