Harbour Arm Zine Workshop + Print Your Own

We loved returning to Folkestone Harbour Arm on Sunday September 18th

Not least because I got to join in with a spin class on the trike…


Loads of people got involved in our workshop to create a new Zine about Folkestone’s beautiful Harbour Arm. (Download link below)

We spoke to 45 people, showing them what we were up to and giving out some comics.

24 of which stayed to contribute to our huge 12 foot long picture…


The best thing about the workshop was seeing whole families get involved; mums, dads, kids, teenage brothers and sisters. It was great fun.

I then took the drawing home and It has been transformed into a tiny zine. The best thing about the finished product is that it is not just a picture of Folkestone, but it is a picture of its people

We’ll be giving out free copies from the Mobile Comics Factory or you can download and print your own!

This clever little zine is made out of one sheet of A4 paper so it wont tax your printer. Once you’ve trimmed off the white border around the edge of your paper (left by the printer) just follow the instructions in the video below to make your zine.


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