Zine Workshop at Harvey Grammar (with Strange Cargo)

*** All Photos Credit Ruby Bolton ***

It has been great to collaborate with Ruby from Strange Cargo to plan and deliver some zine making workshops in secondary schools.

Today we visited the Harvey Grammar School and turned heads as I rode in, right into the centre of the classroom!


We decided to bring the mobile unit to the workshops today just for the visual impact and it certainly did the trick. Perhaps more confusing than inspiring it caused conversation none the less.

But the main point here isn’t the trike, it is the amazing work created today by both the GCSE groups we worked with, and their introduction to a whole new avenue of creativity and expression.

We freed everyone up with a drawing exercise that we then turned into mini-zines.

With one group we used lining paper to create giant concertina zines (pictured below)


and with another we got them making their own zine creations using collage, drawing and assemblage. The variety was brilliant, with even the most skeptical getting involved and finding the fun in it. One innovative idea for example was a zine with images sewn into the paper, WOW!

We were so busy with the workshop (and taking the opportunity to make a quick zine ourselves alongside the students) that we didn’t get any pictures of finished work but if you want to see the fruit of their labour you can check out a selection of their zines at Strange Cargo’s upcoming Zine Library. It is not to be missed and (spoiler alert) the MCF will be there running a workshop in making comics too!

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