Harbour Arm Workshop

Today was officially the first workshop we ran, and it was also the first time the MCF has been ridden entirely assembled. We were on Folkestone’s beautiful Harbour Arm for two overcast hours. The atmosphere was great and the crowd was even better.

The Factory turned heads and we had some great interactions with the public. 14 children and 2 teenagers came to take part in our workshop activities and we loved seeing their creative ideas.


Above: Katy Lockey with the MCF set up ready to go!

The weather today was somewhat indecisive but the willingness of those who engaged with the project was undeterred.


Today’s youngest makers: Isla, Arya, and Niamh.




Today’s makers were accompanied by this amazing curly shoed band.

We couldn’t have been more happy with how today went.

I’ll be back at the Harbour Arm next Sunday 1:30 – 2:30pm to distribute comics created from the amazing work young people made today. I want to extend a huge thanks to Liu and everyone at Folkestone Harbour arm for making today an amazing experience.

Check out the CALENDAR to find out where we’ll be next, and we’ll leave you with a picture of captain Harbour (for his) Arm





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