Lime Bar Fundraiser

Until Thursday I thought that to have a successful fund raising event meant to raise a lot of money, that after all is the expressed intention. But on Thursday night we raised a massive £27.50, which despite the generosity of everyone present – isn’t going to get us far. Every little helps as the old advert says, and its a policy that has certainly seemed to work for Tesco.

The contributions made by Thursday’s attendees has paid for pencils and fineliners to go on the factory – pretty vital equipment for making comics I think you’ll agree. It was therefore a very successful event!

Turn out at the event was small, perhaps the heat made everyone too lazy to go out, or it drew them to the beach. Maybe not everyone is as excited by movies from nearly 60 years ago as I am. Which is a shame because the film we screened (A Bucket Of Blood) is a personal favourite of mine.

One of the reasons I love it so much is because of the story behind its making. It is something I relate to and aspire to for this project. The film cost only $50,000 to produce and was shot in just 2 days. It was clearly made by people of immense passion and drive because the result is a fantastic and hilarious movie. This project with its high aspirations and modest budget shares some of the same spirit a Bucket Of Blood had. We’re running on a small scale with small money but with big intentions.

The film is also a great parody of the beat generation and of contemporary art in general. Its irreverent tone reminds me (and this is more personal) of how I left my personal pursuits in the arts to start more socially minded work. I can see myself in the character of the pompous poet and thank God that his is no longer my path. The film is lowbrow but has great affection for the high art that it parodies. It is a blending of high and low; as the MCF works with teens from all sorts of backgrounds I hope to find a way to blend youth and arts culture in a way that is equally successful.

Thank you to everyone who came along to support us.

Thanks Andi and the Lime Bar for letting us use the space free of charge for the evening

and thanks to everyone who came, whether you gave money or not I felt like we have a great time. There were 15 attendees overall and that’s not bad!


If you missed the event, dont worry, you can still support our online campaign. JUST CLICK HERE.

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