Fundraiser Event

On Wednesday August 24th we’re holding a fundraiser event at the Lime Bar. We want to do something to promote the project on the heart of the amazing Creative Quarter

We’re going to be screening A BUCKET OF BLOOD (Roger Corman, 1959), it is a favourite of mine. Despite its macabre title A Bucket of Blood is a hilarious black comedy, a send up of the art world, and parody of the notion of genius. It was made with a budget of just $50,000 and shot over just 5 days. It embodies a DIY approach to creativity, but loads of passion – Both things that we love and want to build into the MCF project.
The film is about a failed artist who – when his own skill fails him – turns to extreme and gruesome measures to create his art.

One of the ways you can read the film is to see how trivial and meaningless the notion of genius is. I’m on board with that message, too often I meet young people who have cut creative expression off from their lives. Not because of a lack of interest but because what they were trying did not come easily. They become convinced that (for instance) drawing isn’t for them, all because they have inherited this crazy notion that creativity is only for the geniuses. If they can’t draw the way they imagine immediately then it must mean the muse does not rest with them. This state of understanding isn’t the fault of young people, and isn’t because they’re lazy; its because that is what our pop culture teaches them, that broken perception is their inheritance, Unless we do something to change it… That’s why we need your support for the Mobile Comics Factory.

But why do we need your money?

We’ve had a great response from the funding bodies we have applied to, and yes there are still outstanding applications that will go a long way to covering our remaining costs. But why let them have all the fun!

As one works on a project like this there are often new costs that present themselves; from insurance to having to amend a design, there are things that it is hard to budget for. We want to help cover those costs and set up a kitty with which we can make more copies of work produced by young people. Beyond that and more excitingly I want to reach for some stretch goals for this project – I want to install a video screen onto the factory to show clips of comics being put together. I want to expand the library, and I want to commission street artist Squirl to paint the Factory. But in addition to all those aims, this fundraiser gives the enthusiastic onlooker the opportunity to get involved, to be a part of what we’re doing, to take ownership of the project.

So in conclusion,

you’ve got to come to the Lime Bar on the 24th to be a part of this amazing thing and enjoy a classic film.


*this event is held at a bar in the evening, it is therefore over 18s only.


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