A day in the Life, July 2016

Well, hello reader!

What an exciting time to be putting together this project, I hope you’re enjoying being a part of it and hearing about it as much as I am enjoying the experience of putting it together.

Last night RE:mix had a screening of their recently made animations and videos, it was a fantastic event attended by friends, family, and the public.

As well as work created at RE:mix we also screened a video by George Berry who has started his own YouTube channel at home. It is great to support young talent!

This morning I met with a representative of the Roger De Haan Charitsble Trust, and discussed the comics factory project. RHDCT have supported the Re:mix project for a long time and it was great to be able to share some stories and talk about where the project is headed. I don’t know what the outcome of that meeting be yet, with regard to future funding. But just like with Folkestone Soup, I love how working on this project allows me to meet and speak with so many different people and groups all passionate about our area.

Later in the afternoon I had a quick meeting with Tom McNeice of Folkestone Rotary Club. He gave us a cheque toward the project and we had one of those embarrassing photo opportunities…

This photo not only reminds me of how much work we need to do on the trike… But also that it would probably do me good to get a bit thinner before riding this beast around town every week. Add that to the daily tasks!

And that is the nature of this kind of work, sometimes you’re meeting interesting people with the opportunity to help you, sometimes you are standing on that back up to interact with kids and actually deliver the project, other times there is prep work to be done. A never ending list of small tasks.

Just yesterday I was making prototypes for the upcoming build and tomorrow I will be running a comics workshop at integrate, a youthgroup for migrant and refugee teens. But right now I’m working on an idea to create a dry canopy for the mobile comics factory so that we can be out in all weathers. Every day is different and but every day is an adventure.

Thanks for your support and don’t forget to share this story to be a part of what we’re doing.



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