Staples, soup, croutons, and courage

Based on an innovative platform for connection from Detroit, Folkestone Soup brings community spirited volunteers, activists, and entrepreneurs together to connect over a meal. It also provides an opportunity for people to pitch their projects to the group. Each attendee puts in £5 to a kitty that the winning pitch then receives to help put their idea into action.

Last night I pitched the Mobile Comics Factory. Tennis and football quelled numbers on the night but I met some amazing people. It is one thing to have received the support of a local group (yes we won!)… It is quite another to have done so when I was pitching alongside other projects equally as deserving.

In fact – you MUST check out the Folkestone Soup Facebook page and discover their projects!

due to the tempered turnout the final pot totalled £60. This will help us chip away at the figure we need to make the factory happen but just as valuable is the message funding from Soup sends. One of the best things about Soup is its grass roots approach, local sensitivity, and democratic process. Because of that Soup’s endorsement carries weight and the mandate it gives me to keep driving the project forward is supercharged.

I brought a zine with details about the project with me and gave it out to those in attendance, I also showed off my rough model, and sported a hand drawn t-shirt.

Everything was hand made and I was nervous about how rough everything looked… I spent the afternoon stapling zines whilst I rehearsed my pitch and felt absurd.

But This morning I realise that these things helped me show my passion to make it happen. It evidenced that the mobile comics factory is ready to happen- we just need the money!

The experience of Soup is really supportive, but I was still nervous. Despite my nerves I was glad that I put everything out there for the sake of the pitch. That way even had it failed it wouldn’t have been because I sold it short.

whether you’re reading this as an adult  or you’re a young person let me give you this encouragement- never underestimate the beauty of your enthusiasm, or the value in taking risks. We can make great things happen when we leave our fear behind.

thank you Folkestone Soup.


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